Our Story

Carol owned and ran her own fashion business for nearly two decades. When the wave of offshore manufacturing forced her to close her doors in the 1990s, she pivoted and went back to school to become a teacher, leaving her days as a designer and seamstress behind...until, years later, her daughter’s personal struggles called her back to the drawing board.

Morgan had been battling an eating disorder since the age of 14. In 2017, she decided to take time off work to concentrate on her recovery, and got involved in the body positivity movement through Body Brave and GOODBODYFEEL Movement Studio. She wanted some new clothes to help her feel more comfortable, so she enlisted her mother’s expertise and together they designed the Morgan Jumpsuit: a one-piece, all-purpose garment made from soft and flexible Bamboo Spandex that would be soft and cozy while still feeling stylish and confident in her body.

Morgan wore the jumpsuit all summer, and its creation unlocked something in Carol that had been hiding for a long time. The mother-daughter team began to design and sew more clothing, and in April 2018, Mettamade was born.

Our Mission
We create clothing that’s ethical and inclusive.

We’re actively involved in the body positivity movement and we’re proud partners of Body Brave, an organization that supports recovery from eating disorders and creates safe spaces for self-compassion to grow and flourish. We design each piece in our collection to be inclusive of every body type and size, because you should feel as beautiful as you are. Each item was made ethically and sustainably, with locally-sourced supplies and manufacturers whenever possible.

We create clothing that’s eco-friendly.

Once upon a time, a single garment could (and did) last for years. In a world of fast-fashion, we aim to bring back longevity. We believe in streamlining and simplifying your wardrobe to a handful of well-made pieces whose form and function will stand the test of time. All of our clothes are made from eco-friendly materials like Bamboo and Tencel, and are manufactured ethically because you should feel as good about your clothes as you feel in them.

METTAMADE is for everyBODY. Because everybody is beautiful